About WordFuse (a.k.a. Denise)

Photo of Denise, WordFuse Founder
Do these glasses make me look smart?

Hi! I'm WordFuse. Yep, it's pretty much just me in here: Denise, the Story Architect. Thought you'd find a whole company in here, didn't you...

Well, in a way you have. I might be the only full-time member of my little LLC, but I collaborate with some of the best designers, developers, and marketers around. Your team is my team -- and if you have a need that goes beyond my capabilities, well...I know some people. Just ask me.

WordFuse was founded in August of 2015, but I've been working as a writer and content strategist for more than a decade, both as a consultant at a larger firm and as an internal FTE for several organizations.

What's a Story Architect?

Part strategist. Part provocateur. Part analyst. Part inspirationist. <--- I totally made that up. I combine copy-writing with digital strategy and apply them to my clients' digital touch-points to create a unique and engaging customer journey. I firmly believe that copy and design must grow up together if they're going to tell an effective story. Slicing and dicing digital messaging for a CMS trips my triggers; I work hard to create a vision for the future that will trip yours. I'm a whiteboard ninja, with an abiding love for brilliant collaborative work sessions, but when I write, I go alone into my cave where my Muses speak most clearly.

I speak just enough geek to translate for the real nerds. (You know who you are!)

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