We help steer you right

You have a solid brand. You’ve got great content ideas. You have amazingly talented people to produce what you need. Aaaannnnd GO!

(Not quite.)

If you’re having trouble meeting deadlines, herding your cats in the same direction, or suddenly finding yourself with nothing to say, you probably need a little governance. From zippy little start-ups to huge, multinational corporations, companies are finding that flying by the seats of their pants means missing their target audiences — and missing their sales targets. Here are a few of the services we offer to help keep your digital content fresh, proactive, and under control.

We deliver:

Vision alignment workshops. You’re all saying the same words, but that doesn’t mean your vision for the outcome is aligned. We work with your team — from management to worker-bee — to articulate your goals and get clear about how they connect to key performance indicators or other business metrics.

Governance committee consulting. Even if your content will be produced and published by a single person, they’ll likely be engaging with and need support from management, marketers, and technologists. We can help you identify content stakeholders and create processes for managing your digital content that will keep things humming.

Editorial calendar planning and management. Reactive gets the job done. Proactive gets the right job done, at the right time, for the right audiences — and builds brand trust and customer engagement along the way. We work with you to build an editorial calendar focused enough to meet the needs of your marketing initiatives (and flexible enough to handle those inevitable “Hey! I know!” requests from the C suite).

Brand guides and style guides. They sound boring. They sound restrictive. But they’re your go-to defense against off-brand communications that can damage customer trust, and they’re helpful documents for training your marketing newbies as your company grows and your sales and marketing needs expand.

Measurement plans and analytics reporting. How do you know you’re successful? How do you know what content resonates with your target audiences? How do you know if you really need a new page/widget/e-book/call-to-action button? We can help you define your goals for your digital properties, create metrics, and define how you’ll measure success. Then we’ll provide actionable reports so you know how to better optimize what you have (or when to ditch what’s not working).