Need to spark ideas?

We’ve got a big box of matches. Whether you’re building a new brand or breathing life into an existing one, you might find a little guided *pop* helpful. Here are a few approaches we use to get our clients “unstuck” and inspire them to think differently, not only about their brands but also about their businesses and the people they’re trying to move from prospect to paying customer to loyal brand advocates.

Just need a Ninja Whiteboard session to untangle the inspiring ideas you already have? We can do that, too. Sometimes having an outside set of ears (and markers) opens the way to clearer, more defined aspirations.

We deliver:

Messaging coaching and brand personality workshops. You know, sometimes we all feel a little…stale. We collaborate with you to find ways of breathing new life into your brand messaging. Or, if you’re a new company, we can help you solidify those ideas about who you are and how you want to engage your audiences.

Customer journey mapping workshops. These. Are. So. Fun. Whether you know it or not, your customers are on a journey. We work with you to plot your online and offline customer touch-points along a continuum, from brand awareness to brand fandom. Together, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of those touch-points and identify gaps. Then we talk about next steps, like creating a digital roadmap.

Print-to-digital skills transition workshops. Your company creates award-winning brochures, engaging capabilities presentations — the stuff of marketers’ dreams! And now you’re going digital: focusing on your website, trying on social media, or (*gasp*) getting…a CMS. Do you need to hire all new people? Probably not. We help your existing team identify skills gaps, as well as learn how to leverage the skills they already have.