You won’t get there if you’re aimlessly wandering

Aspiration is great. But it needs direction, or it’s just so much “pretty” with nowhere to go. We like to start with your goals and help you get alignment on them, then learn about your customers’ goals and attitudes. Whatever we produce — from evaluation to strategy document to a more complex road-map — we make sure it’s digestible and that provides you with clear, high-level steps for execution.

We deliver:

Website evaluations. This is the “You Are Here” part of your digital content journey. We do a 7-point evaluation of your site, from brand elements to back-end factors affecting your site’s performance — and its strength as the “hub” for your online presence. The evaluation includes comparisons with digital leaders and prioritized recommendations for improvement.

Content strategy for CMS. Content management systems sound awesome in a sales presentation. Flexible, portable content! Less need for IT to make updates to our site! Marketing tool integration! (Woo-hoo!) Then reality hits. Yes, a CMS is fabulous, but it requires a whole new way of thinking about, writing, and publishing your content. We work alongside your team to help you develop not only that thinking but also architect a solid plan for how to make your content live up to the promise of a CMS. And, if you need help, we can consult with you on content governance, too.

Measurement strategy. We ask you for your business goals, your key performance indicators (KPIs), and we churn them around and turn them into a strategy for measuring your digital content marketing success — along with a few recommendations on where to start.

Content marketing road-maps. You have ideas. You have a deadline. But you’re not sure you’re on the right track — much less that you have agreement across your organization (or even your team) about how to get there. Depending on the engagement, road maps might include (but aren’t limited to):

•  Vision alignment workshop

•  Persona research

•  Competitor analysis

•  Customer journey mapping

•  Prioritized recommendations